Wolf Contact

This Picture was taken July 7,2006, this wolf was about 20 feet away from Stacey, I was a bit behind her when she spotted him/her I was able to get a few picture’s before he/she took off.
Stacey and I have had many encounters now with wolves, not once have we ever felt threatened we have had encounters with 3 wolves at once and have came in contact with (the so called Dangerous lone wolves) most of the time there tails are between there legs a sign of being scared. We have a great respect for wild animals and would never put our selfs or the animal in any type of danger.
In Prince Rupert we have many wolves who when not in a group (lone wolf) will venture in to town and have been known to snatch small animals or go through garbage but not once have there ever been an attack on a human. But people still are afraid, being cautious is the rule of thumb, being scarred is a bit over on the side of fear mongering. the wolves on the coast seem small just about the same size as german sheppered dog. Wolf




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  1. Please review my comments made in the save the wolves page.

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