My letter to the local paper

To the editor

I had to respond to the front page article that ran in Tuesday Aug 1, 2006 Paper.
Golfers drive wolf pack off the fairway.
Since the early spring my girlfriend (Stacey) and I have been out 3 to 4 times a week to photograph and video tape the wolves near and around Ridley, I have over 420 photo’s and numerous video’s of the wolves. Not once have we felt threaten by these misunderstood animals.
Stacey who is 7 Months Pregnant and a stands at a proud 4 feet 9 inches has had close encounters of her own. One that stands out is about a skittish lone wolf, who was approximately 10 feet away coming of a trail. The wolf and Stacey locked eyes; the wolf turned around and ran down the dusty road, Stacey then took pictures as the wolf ran away.
Stacey and I bought a few books on wolves and did some searches on the internet.
I suggest that people do a Google search on wolf attacks we did and we were surprised to find out that in over 500 years of recording wolf attacks, only a hand full of human have been killed, these happened in India and other parts of Europe. Wolves that have killed have been found to have rabies or were in enclosures.
Quote from
“ In North America, no person has ever been killed by a healthy, wild wolf, and attacks are extremely rare. Most wild wolves avoid people, and even people who live in wolf country rarely actually see the animals. In fact, many wolf researchers who have approached wolf dens have found that they were able to do so without being approached by adult wolves.”
Interesting facts about wolves,
1. Wolves can’t see well in fact if you are standing still they might walk right pass you, they see movement and will follow that movement so a moving person might seem like a moving animal.
2. Wolves have a remarkable sense of smell; wolves can detect the smell of deer 2.5 kilometers away.
3. Hearing is also well-developed, they are able to hear and interpret sounds several kilometers away.
4. From the book THE WOLF ghost hunter; “ Banfield speculates that many incidents in which wolves stalk human are the results of curiosity and misidentification – at least until the wolf catches the scent of what it’s stalking” and leave the area.
5. Wolves can travel 25 kilometers in a day.
Prince Rupert is well known for the Deer, there is an over abundance of them and there only predator is the wolf. The wolf is doing what it has been doing for millennia following the deer, remember 100 years back there was no town just wilderness, the wolves are not approaching on us but rather we’re approaching on there hunting territory.
I believe we should have Conservation officers who are trained to use tranquilizer darts and also humane bear traps for transporting wild animals. The bears and wolves that happen to come into town could be moved back to the wilderness like work channel. The use of leg traps I feel is barbaric, we have all seen the pictures of wild animal who gnaw off there own leg’s to escape. I think there are people who live in town that would volunteer their trucks to move these animals instead of killing them. I know I would.
To those people who have come across wolves, or haven’t, Take precautions whether it is walking your dogs or on a hike at Ridley or Mount Hays. Don’t let you dog’s run free, when seeing a wolf, or wolves being cautious is the rule of thumb. Your actions will trigger reactions from the wolves if they haven’t picked up on you’re sent. Remember wolves don’t like to be near people, this group if there the same group we have documented on film and video are comprised of 5 adults and 3 pups, the pups were born in the spring.

David Watson

we were also interviewed by channel 6 news…. 5 min of fame.. I hope the people of Rupert will have a better understanding of the wolves after this….
will post the News spot latter tonight.


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