Ontario man believed killed by wolves in Saskatchewan

Ontario man believed killed by wolves in Saskatchewan
Last Updated Thu, 10 Nov 2005 19:35:09 EST
CBC News
RCMP in Saskatchewan are reporting the first human death attributed to wolves in North America in more than a century.

The Mounties say wolves likely killed an Ontario man in northern Saskatchewan earlier this week. The body of the 22-year-old was found Tuesday at Points North Landing near Wollaston Lake, about 450 kilometres northeast of La Ronge.

Canadian gray wolf. wolfAn autopsy indicated he was likely killed by animals, says RCMP spokesperson Heather Russell.

“All of the injuries discovered in the autopsy are consistent with animal bites. But you can’t completely rule everything out until the investigation is complete.”

Russell said the autopsy hasn’t confirmed what animals attacked the man, but he noted wolves have been sighted in the area. Tracks believed to be those of wolves were seen around the body, leading Russell to believe those were the animals that likely killed the man.

The RCMP haven’t released the name of the victim, but say he was from Oshawa.

A 2002 study of wolf attacks in Alaska and Canada done by the Alaska Fish and Game Department found no examples of human deaths attributed to wolf attacks for more than 100 years.

Wayne Galloway, a veteran outfitter in northern Saskatchewan, said he wouldn’t be surprised if wolves attacked and killed a human. He said that in recent years, he’s seen an increase in wolf numbers and a decrease in the wildlife they prey on.

“They’re a predator and I guess if man happens to be something that they’ll take a pass at, they’ll do it,” he said.

While I was being interviewed for the wolves we have been following, the reporter said there was a wolf kill that happen last year on the CBC website. it took me awhile and I did find it, but what she missed was that it might have been wolves. I checked but never found out whether this young man died of natural couses or the result of a wolf attack.


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