Tracking wolves

Today we went out to Ridley, we checked the local dump first, we didn’t find any new tracks or scat, the wolves seem not to be out there as frequently as before this is good. The dump for those of you who don’t know this is protected by an electric fence, this keeps out the wild life, bears, wolves but it sure doesn’t stop the eagles, ravens and crows from making a mess of the surrounding area. On one occasion we did spot a wolf in the middle of the dump howling.
From what we see out there the wolves pass through the dump to go else were behind the dump there is a slew, We haven’t checked there yet as the forest is to dense with brush. We are going to wait until the fall to check it out.

Ok so we knew they were not at the dump as much but we knew they were in the area, On the other side of the road we have seen them coming out of the bush. This seemed like the perfected place to start. We hiked in to a clearing and sure enough we found one of the places they frequently go, there were thousands of wolf prints and scat littered everywhere, Stacey left the video camera in the truck, but I had the camera we took some pictures of the area. With in a few min we spotted a small wolf he/she disappeared into the brush before I could snap a picture.
huge wolf print
small wolf print
wolf area


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