wolves on the hunt

Yesterday Stacey and myself went out to check on the wolves we went up to the summer den, low and behold they were not there, as a matter of fact they look like they have been gone for about a week now, no fresh scat or tracks. Since they were not around we did search more of the area, found a few trails and sleeping spots. When we finished there we hiked back and went to the dump, City is making a new road through one of the trails the wolves use to get to the swamp behind the dump. Again there has been no signs that they have been around for awhile.

This leads us to think they are on the move hunting or because of the dump trucks and other machines they are out closer to Ridley access road. Stacey and I haven’t been out there in a few weeks getting harder for her to walk that distance. I’m hoping in the fall when the leaves and brush die out we will be able to see more of the trails they use, Also we should see a pattern when the wolves go and come back to the Den.

Tracking wolves is a bit harder to do when the weather is so dry we have been waiting for some rain, I hate the rain but I hope we get some soon, we are going out Sunday to see what we can see. Update then.


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