On to the winter den off the island

Its been 2 weeks now that we haven’t seen the wolves we talked to some workers from Ridley log sort, who said they haven’t seen the wolves either. But have heard that wolves have been seen near Brads at Port Ed.

We went out tonight and didn’t see any tracks or scat, checked summer Den, Ridley Access road and the dump.

We have decided to go out Saturday to Port Ed and check around, but we wont be going out around Ridley for awhile maybe 2 times a month or unless we hear more reports or more sighting.

I was hoping that the wolves would be around winter time it would be cool to get pictures with the snow in the background.
This website might not be update as much because we will not be going out to often, Our baby is going to be coming in the next few weeks.
Until next time Take care

David & Stacey


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