Wolves roaming

The wolves for the next 4 to 5 months will be wondering the Island now, we have gone to there summer den on a few occasions and have noticed no new tracks or scat this leads us to think that after leaving the den they usually don’t come back until the next year, as for the winter den, I’m thinking they don’t stay in one place to long, not until the spring were they will go to the spring den, this is were I believe the alpha male and female mate and spend there time until the pups are ready to be born then they move over to the summer den.

From watching this group there movements in the fall and winter will be sporadic, and finding them will be harder. We will continue going out to there favourite spots just in case we happen to be there at the same time. Best times to go out is in the early morning 4:30 Am to about 6:30 Am, or late evening just around dusk, the reason is you might not be able to see them but you will most likely be able to hear them as they are the most vocal during these times.

We went out yesterday and didn’t see anything but we did get a picture of a swan and a few other birds. So for your enjoyment here are the pictures.


My response to a letter in our Daily News Paper

Deer can be killed safely
To the editor,
Another Photo of those sweet deer featured on the front page again (Daily News, Sept 12).
It’s no wonder the wolves are surrounding Prince Rupert licking their chops. I’ll tell you what be sweet—one of those hindquarters on my dinner tale.
Wild game over toxic beef would be a real treat.
Hungry wolves do pose a safety concerns; especially when the wolves follow the deer trails throughout town. Our friend lives in the Helmsmen Apartments on kootenay Avenue. From his balcony in early morning and late evening, he watches wolves discreetly cross the street on their way to Moresby Pond following the deer’s scent.
Until the deer are gone, the wolves will be lurking hungrily. My fear is that some man, woman, child or dog will suffer great injury or death from an attack from a pack of wolves.
Some people think wolves are not dangerous. In fact, wolves are wild animals. If you think wild animals are not dangerous I recommend viewing the documentary Grizzly Man.
there are safe ways to the kill deer within city limits. The soup kitchen would be a good place to donate fresh game. I would get in line for a plate of venison any day

Jaboo Bell

To the editor
A response to Jaboo Bell
Deer can be killed safely.
I agree with you we have a deer problem, more of a nuisance though, in your letter you said and I quote “ There are safe ways to kill deer within city limits” can you elaborate on that as you seemed to have forgotten to tell us how you would do it. Would you use poison, traps or guns, maybe bow’s eh.
Also I have seen Grizzly man a great documentary about Timothy Treadwell who had a quest for saving Grizzly bears in a protected national park. But really what does that have to do with the deer or the wolves except that their all wild.
Have you ever gone to Banff in summer; if you have you would see that the Elk take over the city, there down town there in parks there in golf courses. Guess what there main predator is, it’s the wolf, now using your theory killing the Elk will cause the wolves either to go away or start to kill other animals or people.
Again I quote you “. My fear is that some man, woman, child or dog will suffer great injury or death from an attack from a pack of wolves”. Your remarks seemed to be on the side of fear mongering? I know that seemed a bit harsh, but really in over 500 years there has been one report of a human likely being killed in the America’s this happened in Ontario last year. More people are killed by domesticated dogs over 300 people in the US since 1979 that’s not including deaths in Canada.Your thoughts are clouded by a misconception that wolves will hunt and kill indiscriminately this of course is not the case. These wolves have always been here on the north coast and on Kaien Island long before there were people on this continent. The first nation’s people have a great respect for the wolves here.
Hungry wolves can be a problem but I can assure you that the pack is not going to move into town and start hunting the deer, or human. What you will see is a lone wolf meaning one wolf will come into town for a day or two and most likely leave the area, why because a lone wolf has a hard time taking down a healthy deer and is also scarred of humans.
You’re right about the wolves using the deer trails, I think people would be surprised by how many times the wolves are in town but never spotted. Wolves will mainly travel at night staying close to tree lines and to dark streets or the micro forests that dot our city; then they leave back up and over mount Hays.
The wolves are not surrounding Prince Rupert, Its Prince Rupert that is surrounding the wolves and other wildlife like the deer, black bear or even marmots. As we push back into the wilderness we move these animals, back. Or like in large city’s across Canada and the United States were there is no more room to push the animals we see wild life in places we should not see them, coyotes, foxes, racoons, and cougars in Los Angeles, or closer to home in Vancouver we see bears, foxes, racoons or even wolves.
So Jaboo if we kill all the deer on the island will that solve things for you?. Will you feel safe? What is next all the black bear that roams this island?
Before making judgment’s about wolves or any other wildlife go to you local library or check the internet there are lot of books and great websites that will educate you on what is fact and what is fiction.
Please visit our site kaienislandwolves.com and check out our videos and 450 + photographs of the wolves on this island we all call home.

David Watson &
Stacey Lavigne

Dumpsite expanding problem for the wolves

The city is in the process of expanding the dump site, there running out of room at the main site. Im sure the city will electrify the area; this is good as long as the wolves are not inside the electrified area, there has been talks regarding the wolves in the area and what can be done about them, there have been talks about killing the wolves.

Im not sure how many people now that when the dump closed down near the golf course, that the police were called and shot the dump bears, it was open season and a good exercise to use there shot guns, what a waste.

Right now the wolves are roaming there island, and will be roaming for most of the winter months the wolf cubs are larger and can endure more now. What is worrying is that the city might shoot and kill the wolves that are there or might be trapped with in the fence,
As many of you know Stacey and I have been out with the wolves on many occasions, filming them and taking pictures. We have never had a problem with them not once. There no threat to us,
Since Stacey and I have been out there, we have seen many exciting things. There are two cats that were abandoned out near the dump, we have spotted the cats many times and find in funny that some times we find the wolves and cat tracks together. The cats have lived fine out there with the wolves.
If you are interested in helping save the wolves on Kaien Island visit our site

and fill out the petition form

There Back, Wolves are here again!!

After 3 weeks of not seeing the wolves we heard them on Friday night, then Sunday we found fresh scat and tracks, On a sad note a young wolf was killed by a driver on Ridley Access road awhile back, My friend John Mair found the body and placed it off the road, he went back to take the skull. I’m going to get pictures in a week or two when the skull is clean.

wolf prints

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