Dumpsite expanding problem for the wolves

The city is in the process of expanding the dump site, there running out of room at the main site. Im sure the city will electrify the area; this is good as long as the wolves are not inside the electrified area, there has been talks regarding the wolves in the area and what can be done about them, there have been talks about killing the wolves.

Im not sure how many people now that when the dump closed down near the golf course, that the police were called and shot the dump bears, it was open season and a good exercise to use there shot guns, what a waste.

Right now the wolves are roaming there island, and will be roaming for most of the winter months the wolf cubs are larger and can endure more now. What is worrying is that the city might shoot and kill the wolves that are there or might be trapped with in the fence,
As many of you know Stacey and I have been out with the wolves on many occasions, filming them and taking pictures. We have never had a problem with them not once. There no threat to us,
Since Stacey and I have been out there, we have seen many exciting things. There are two cats that were abandoned out near the dump, we have spotted the cats many times and find in funny that some times we find the wolves and cat tracks together. The cats have lived fine out there with the wolves.
If you are interested in helping save the wolves on Kaien Island visit our site

and fill out the petition form


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