Wolves roaming

The wolves for the next 4 to 5 months will be wondering the Island now, we have gone to there summer den on a few occasions and have noticed no new tracks or scat this leads us to think that after leaving the den they usually don’t come back until the next year, as for the winter den, I’m thinking they don’t stay in one place to long, not until the spring were they will go to the spring den, this is were I believe the alpha male and female mate and spend there time until the pups are ready to be born then they move over to the summer den.

From watching this group there movements in the fall and winter will be sporadic, and finding them will be harder. We will continue going out to there favourite spots just in case we happen to be there at the same time. Best times to go out is in the early morning 4:30 Am to about 6:30 Am, or late evening just around dusk, the reason is you might not be able to see them but you will most likely be able to hear them as they are the most vocal during these times.

We went out yesterday and didn’t see anything but we did get a picture of a swan and a few other birds. So for your enjoyment here are the pictures.


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