No wolves but there was Black bears

Last night me and Stacey went out to hear the wolves, I brought my Sony cam with me as it has night vision. With the full moon we thought we would get a chance to try it out, any who we went out to Ridley we walked down the trail, because of the full moon there was lot of light, I was looking threw the lens while Stacey was looking down, she asked me if those were human prints or wolf I couldn’t tell so I used the LCD on the cam and pointed to the ground and low and behold they were Black Bear prints….YIKES….no bear spray no air horn. As you can imagine that ended our night real quick; we went back in the morning taking with us plaster of Paris and went back to see the prints, well the prints were only about 4 inches across, last night they looked like a foot long. This black bear was about 200 pounds, just a small guy but we didn’t want to find out last night how big it was.
Here are the pictures Enjoy
Black Bear Print

Black Bear Print

Black Bear Print


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