Wildlife documentary

Stacey and I have been talking about doing a wildlife documentary, I always wanted to do something like this for some time, about 6 years ago I started buying equipment I bought a Pinnacle Dv500 for my capturing needs. And a canon LX-100 and a canon L2 these video cameras were the top of the line machines 10 to 12 years ago costing $8000.00. Each, I then bought a Sony digital 8 video camera that has fire wire.
I spent a lot of time filming different subjects, threw trail and error I feel like I could do something now, I have been looking at different video cameras and I think I will purchase a canon XL2, I really cant afford to go to HD yet plus the learning curve for the high end canon HD video cam is too much for a first time pro-sumer camera.
I think we will be shooting mostly the wolves when they go to summer den, I would also like to shoot more whales and killer whales, and of course the Grizzly bears, maybe some video of kayaking around were the wild life can be seen, we have old native sites her on the coast that go back 5000 years that I would like to include.
I’m not sure if we will do the documentary with voice over or if we will do music in the background, I have done videos like this before there mostly for watching. I’m not a great writer but Stacey loves to write, I hope I can talk her into doing something, I think I would like to try and keep the video down to about one hr, so it would be 4 videos 15 min long, wolves ocean life, grizzly bears, and first nations villages.

Who knows maybe if we get enough wolf video we could do a longer project.


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