Close encounter with the wild kind!

For the last week I have been going out before day break to photograph the wolves, No luck yet, the wolf kills I found out turned out to be a dumped moose carcasses. (and people wonder why the wolves come so close to town) Any way A few people have told me stories of there close encounters with the magical wolves of Kaien Island. One story I was told was very magical and a bit surreal.
This individual was walking at night threw the trail from civic center to BC packers, armed with a small flashlight crossed path’s with a wolf, at first he thought it was a dog, but not seeing anyone else on the trail realised it was a wolf, during this time he talked to the big fellow keeping his voice calm, the wolf was about 8 feet away during this time and the fellow said he never felt worried and could not believe his encounter and the fact he never had a camera. The wolf slipped into the night going to the creek at this point the fellow finished his walk to the library; he ran into a friend walking her dog and petted the dog. After which he started back to the civic center. This individual was thinking how lucky he was too see a wolf that night again ran right in to the same wolf, but this time the wolf came right up to him and sniffed the hand that touched his friends dog. The wolf opened his mouth and shut it fast causing the teeth to click. At this time the wolf crossed the highway over to the civic center stopping on the other side it turn around, just at that point a older lady asked the fellow is that your dog across the street, he replied Oh no that’s not a dog, that’s a wolf, at this point the wolf disappeared back in to the night.

What a story and the way it was told to me. I could tell this guy knew he had a magical moment that he would never soon forget.

Back to tracking, it looks like a wolf has been injured, maybe hit by a car or injured by a deer possibly if you look closely at this photo you can see he his dragging both his legs.


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