3 days 3 wolves

Tonight makes it 3 nights in a row we have seen wolves, in two of those instances we were able to get photo’s and video, The Video I was able to take was of a young wolf who has an injured paw, he laid down in front of me while I filmed him. When I first spotted the rain wolf he was about 100 feet away I went back to our Van to let Stacey know I had seen a wolf I grabbed the video camera when I went back out side I noticed the wolf followed me back to the Van I went back to the Van and Stacey came out with the spot light, it slipped back into the night and I then left with the Cam and Spot light, I was able to get footage of the wolf, as you can hear in the video I was a bit winded as I ran to the van to get the cam. While I was filming this wolf another could be heard beside me, I could not see him, but could hear him in the bush at this point I didn’t take my chances in the dark and left the area.

Yawning Wolf

Laying Down


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  1. Awesome going Dave. When are we heading out?

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