A non response to Jaboo Bell

To Jaboo Bell Im not going to write the editor of the paper this time but we will post our response to you via this website.

Wolves have killed humans.
To the editor,
A response to David Watson and Stacey Lavigne (killing deer is not an answer, Daily News Opinion, Sept 22).

Twenty-two-year old Kenton Joel Carnegie died Nov, 2005 in points North Landing from the mauling of a wolf. A man was mauled in the same area a year earlier by a pack of wolves, luckily, he was saved by other men.
I believe myself to be a logical human being, equipped with common sense. I will not waver from my view that there are a ridiculous number of deer in our town. My idea is plain and simple. If we get rid of the deer in town then the wolves will go elsewhere in their search for food.

I remember the story of a man in Poet Edward who bravely rescued his dog from a wolf. I have seen deer, moose and bears on television that have been shot with darts and relocated. The deer in Prince Rupert should be relocated to dinner tables and the hides given to drum makers and hooves for the dance regalia.
Unlike Banf Alberta, Prince Rupert in not a National Park. It is a small town with wayward hungry wolves and too many deer roaming our streets.
David Watson and Stacey Lavigne needn’t worry-often even the most obvious suggestions are not enough to prompt people to do the right thing.
Respecting wild animals means to me not hanging out with wolves and bears. They have large teeth, powerful jaws and are very agile and very fast. I on the other hand have two legs and no real defense except to gouge an eye or scream. So I do the obvious, I stay away from them and leave them alone.
This is called Instinct
Jaboo Bell

We asked you how you would deal with the Deer problem and like we said before we agree with you there is a deer problem. But again you didn’t tell the good people of Prince Rupert how you would deal with it.
Come on and answer the question!!
We had to laugh when we read this part it is funny, you keep stating it, that there a over abundance of deer, but here you say and I quote “Prince Rupert in not a national Park, it is a small town with wayward hungry wolves and too many deer roaming our streets”
The wolves Jaboo are not starving, if they were we they would go elsewhere. If you went to our website you would see how well fed they are.
Where is your proof that the wolves are starving ?

As for Kenton Joel Carnegie we said it all ready in the previous letter and we brought it up to you, that there has only been one death in Canada that may have been attributed to wolves, you state it as fact that he was killed by wolves, but when you read the papers and news articles you will see that they do not know for sure if it was wolves or not! you jumped to a Conclusion thats not based on fact but based on your fear!

Quotes from different papers
From Duluth News Tribune ^ | 12-21-05 | JOHN MYERS
INVESTIGATION: Officials are investigating whether a Canadian man was killed by wolves that he may have been feeding.â Gee wiz Feeding the wild wolves, thats smart.

From the province’s Ministry of Environment refuses to
Acknowledge — at least publicly — that Carnegie likely died as a
Result of a wolf attack.

“There was no direct linkage to wolves,” says Art Jones, a spokesman
with the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Environment. “We don’t have an
Eyewitness account. All we know is that a young man was found dead
and he had been scavenged. We are unable to determine whether the man
was killed or whether he died of other causes.”

This young man may have died from wolves or other causes. All of the articles say he may have died from wolves and after a year there still unsure.
What seems to be fact is that there were a few individuals who were feeding the wolves or as it is called baiting which we do not do.

Now the wolves in port Edward thats funny the reason is that most of the wolves out in Port Ed could be wolf – dog hybrids, there once was a man who lived out in Inverness for 40 years, his dogs seemed to be busy with the wolves in the area, after his death the dogs were let go and most likely some joined the pack. we have heard reports of a wolf with a huge mame around his head a lot like a German shepherd.
The man who saved his dog as far as were concerned was not acting rationally; it is common sense that you dont get in between a dog fight not unless you want to end up getting a finger or two bitten off. This goes for wild animals and a pet.

Now with ‘Instinct you said and we quote So I do the obvious, I stay away from them and leave them alone. This is called ‘Instinct
were sorry this in not Instinct its called being afraid of the unknown.
From Wikipedia Instinct is the inherent disposition of a living organism toward a particular behavior. Instincts are generally inherited patterns of responses or reactions to certain kinds of stimuli. In humans they are most easily observed in behaviors such as emotions, sexual drive, and other bodily functions.

Jaboo Bell were sure you think you are write and thats cool with us but we do differ with this quote and were sure we are not the only ones. “David Watson and Stacey Lavigne neednt worry-often even the most obvious suggestions are not enough to prompt people to do the right thing.
What is the right thing for you Jaboo? kill all the deer on the island so the wolves and bears and other wild life go elsewhere?
Build a huge glass dome over Prince Rupert to keep out all the unwelcome guests?
I tell you why we live here Jaboo because of the wildlife in our backyard, were else can you see eagles, swans, hawks, owls, bats, porcupines, marmots, goats, deer, wolves, bears, grizzly bears, salmon in the rivers or ocean, grey whales, killer whales, seals, I tell you were in a Zoo. No thanks
Its ok Jaboo you rather view wild life from the comfort of your lazy boy chair in front of a TV, but were going to enjoy it by experiencing it in the wild.


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