Spring Den and lone wolf

Well Spring is around the corner once again and the local wolves are at the spring den site, lots of prints and scat litter the area, the Spring Den Site and the Summer Den Site look very much alike, the wolves seemed to like the muskeg.
This year is a very exciting year for Stacey and I as we will be working with Chris Darimont and Heather Bryan from the Raincoast Conservation Society and the University of Saskatchewan, who will be doing the testing for parasites in the local wolf population.
While at the spring Site we saw that the local dump has taken down the electric fence in the back and all the gates are open, the wolves are now using it as easy access to get from one point to another as the spring den site is close by. I’m sure the city of Prince Rupert will fix the problem before the bears wake up.
There still is sighting’s of a lone wolf in town, he has an injured leg who has been scavenging around for food, this wolf does not seem to be from the pack at Ridley Island he/or she may have been chased away from the group or is keeping its distance from the pack. Wolves will kill other wolves that come in to their territory.


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