where did they go?

Stacey and I usually every other week have garbage to go out to the dump site. A month back we left our business card with the dump. The City has put back up the fence, and last week used a bear banger to scare away a wolf that had came in. The lady who was working that weekended said that was the first time there has been a wolf out there in some time and that they like them out of the dump so they don’t become dependent on garbage. I thought that was cool.
We have noticed this spring early summer that the wolves are not hanging out at their local spots. I do believe this is due to the fact of all the blasting that is being done in 2 locations. The wolves have gone elsewhere. The alpha female will be looking for a new Den site or has found one and this is were the wolves are.

We are going to set up some hunting cameras in a few spots in the next few months and try to photograph the wolves I picked up one of these cameras and hoping to have a second camera in a few days.

Trail Camera


Wolf Scat and wolves

Right know we are working with Chris Darimont and Heather Bryan from the Raincoast Conservation Society and the University of Saskatchewan, picking up wolf scat and marking with GPS for the testing for parasites in the local wolf population. This weekend between the rain showers we got to get out and collect some scat, we also got see a wolf near the summer Den, we could not tell if he or she was one of last year’s cubs, the wolf was a bit small.
Been out to the dump a few times , Spring is right around the corner and the fence and gates are still open, and not electrified yet, the bears will be out soon. The city of Prince Rupert made a new dump and electrified it to keep out bears and other predators. Plus its private property I have on a few occasions been asked to leave when I hiked in to take pictures of eagles. I believe the City has to be accountable for their actions, and by keeping people away is not the way….
With all the work been done on Kaien Island with the new port expansion, the garbage dump, coal and open pit mining (gravel pit). I wonder if this will have an impact with the local wolf population. Two of the above are near den sites. This pack is getting older the alpha male and female will be loosing there positions in the pack in the next few years. It will be interesting to see what will happen with the pack.

Baby wolves or coyote

A few weeks ago I received a Email regarding a baby wolf that had been spotted near the base of Mount Hays, he was in the bush watching the local kids ride their motorcycle, I at first thought it was not true or that it was a case of mistaken Identity. Its way to early to see pups, If we compare to last year Stacey and I seen the pups in Aug, and they were just leaving the summer Den. We seen the alpha female and have video of her when she was pregnant with her pups, this was taken in March last year. To me it just didn’t make sense. We have been a few times we have been out at the summer den site. Seen one wolf and a few tracks and collected some scat.
Stacey and I went out Sunday April 22, 2007, seen more tracks, and low and behold we saw very small tracks in the mud, these tracks were from the canine family, I could not make sense of this. Stacey and I went to the other spot to check and see what kind of prints we could see there. Again we found small canine tracks with a set of big tracks. I thought at first maybe there was a change with the female alpha and there were pups born. I also thought it could be a small lost dog. But I’m thinking now it could be fox or a coyote has wondered in to the area.
I would like to set of some hidden cameras in the field and see what is going on.. I’, going to email Chris and see what he thinks….. Stay tuned photos to follow..
Big Wolf Paws

Small Paw Prints

Small Paw Prints

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