where did they go?

Stacey and I usually every other week have garbage to go out to the dump site. A month back we left our business card with the dump. The City has put back up the fence, and last week used a bear banger to scare away a wolf that had came in. The lady who was working that weekended said that was the first time there has been a wolf out there in some time and that they like them out of the dump so they don’t become dependent on garbage. I thought that was cool.
We have noticed this spring early summer that the wolves are not hanging out at their local spots. I do believe this is due to the fact of all the blasting that is being done in 2 locations. The wolves have gone elsewhere. The alpha female will be looking for a new Den site or has found one and this is were the wolves are.

We are going to set up some hunting cameras in a few spots in the next few months and try to photograph the wolves I picked up one of these cameras and hoping to have a second camera in a few days.

Trail Camera


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