Sighting’s everywhere

I have been receiving emails and have watched video to verifying what they got on video was a wolf or coyote. The sightings have been taking place all over the island and some times even the same day. What people have been seeing have been small 1 to 2 year old wolves. The wolves on two occasions were carrying mice or rats, small creatures that they could catch. Lot of the scat we collected have small vertebra in them something from the rodent family.
Stacey and I have not filmed or photographed the Alpha’s this year and are unsure if they are even around, this would explain why the wolves seem to be everywhere, or why some are closer to town this year.
This weekend we will placing some motion camera’s out on each side of the mountain and go for a hike to the summer den.

We just got back from our trip we spent a few hours with wolves in Golden BC here are some pictures with the wolves.


Us and Wolves


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