wolves in town

At our local wildlife shelter, were the owners who I might add are great people, who look after mostly eagles and smaller animals to be released back in the wild had a wolf come on to their unfenced property stocking a wild deer that the owners named as it frequents the area, the wolf was chased away by a people who were gathered for an event.
Here is a great example of people who say they do the right thing, making sure wild animals stay wild and make sure their healthy enough to go back in to the wild; and I applaud them for it. Our eagle population is bigger than ever because of this people. What gets my attention here is that fact that they named the wild deer like you would name a pet, and when Mother Nature introduces a predator in the name of a wolf, people get all up in arms. And try and protect the helpless deer. In actuality what should have happened If people would have not interfered I’m sure is the deer would have ran and the wolf following and given up, it’s very rare that a healthy wolf of that size would have taken down the deer of that size without help.
Chasing the wolf and yelling throwing objects at it are all great things to do when confronted by a wolf. The people who were there were surprised to see a wolf looking at the deer in the middle of the day. Wolves hunt day or night, chances are it didn’t even realize that people were there.

The main pack of wolves are still over on Ridley between buzz rapids to the grain elevator, this pack as of last year was made up of 8 individuals. The ones in town seem to be made up of 2 or 3 individuals who’s range seem to be from the port along the waterfront behind the golf course up into seal cove, from all the sighting 2 of the wolves are males and the other is of unknown sex. The wolves seem small 1 to 3 year old wolves that have lost some of their fear of man. Their main pray at this point seems to be small rodents and on a few occasions deer skeletons have been found in and around Morsby park and up near the new power lines that run along Mount Hays. these could have been due to wolves, human or disease. These wolves seem to be outcast from the main group or have wondered in to the area.
The wolves at Ridley; we think changed den sites; we have 2 motions cameras at old site to catch any glimpse of the wolves.
I believe the wolves in town have become more like scavengers and are living of the scraps of humans, because of the loss of fear, the chances are slim that these wolves will leave the area on their own, with one pack on the island, one pack near Port Ed and the pack near Kloya bay these wolves have no were to go and will most likely be put down.


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