update on the local wolves.

The last few months, we have seen and heard the local wolf (Canis lupus) pack in and around Prince Rupert, B.C. more than usual. The wolves last week have been spotted on the east of town, and can be heard howling in the evening and in the morning, We have also heard of one confirmed case were a dog was snatched and killed by a wolf. As of today the wolves seem to be on the west side of town near the golf course. This weekend I will be going out and trying to photograph them in the snow.

You have to love small towns, you can not say a negative thing about someone before it gets back to them. This seems to be happening as more locals find my website. Here are some comments that have gotten back to me and my wife.

“no one can get that close to take a picture without bating them”
“they are the reason that the wolves are coming into town”

All I have to say is “I don’t care what you think, we don’t bait, we spent lots of time; day and night tracking them.

We don’t bait wolves, the wolves that we have taken pictures of have been the one and two year old wolves, these wolves are inquisitive and will come up to a person, we are always in control of the situation and if a wolf gets to close we throw rocks or sticks at it, (not before I get some video or photo’s)

If you have a question; don’t hesitate to email us.


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