Coyotes and wolves On the Island

Wolves have been here forever on the island, there have been stories that go way back years and years. I have heard stories this last year about coyotes from reliable sources, but I have never seen them, and still haven’t. but we do have a picture taken near the sea plane base.


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  1. Hi, I just found your blog via The Daily Coyote. You wrote that you have been working with the raincoast conservation society wolf project, and I was wondering if you could explain more about this and your projects. I watched some of the videos where you are very close to the wolves – are those wild animals or is it a preserve? And if they are wild, how were you able to get so close to them?


  2. We were collecting wolf scat for parasite testing with the the raincoast conservation.
    All the videos on my site are wild wolves except the one video called wolves of the Rockies.
    Yes the wild wolves we have gotten within 10 to 20 feet away without incident. and even seen and photographed a 4 month old wolf. we will be posting our findins regarding the parisite test this week I just got them back and reviewing them.. thanks for the interest.

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