The humanity of the wolf and the cruelty of the humans

wolf and donkeyAs reported in the Albanian press: A wolf was caught in the mountains and was put in a cage in the village of Patok in Lezhe, about 4 months ago.
They put a donkey in the cage, for the wolf to eat. Apparently, the lonely wolf, was more hungry for friendship. Since then they got attached to each-other, cohabitating the cage and teaching the people some humanity. If only our politicians, would ever learn to co-habit with each-other!And here’s how humans project their own feelings, on these animals:

A donkey grazing in a small meadow saw a wolf creep up on him, and at once pretended to be lame. The wolf, coming nearer, asked why he was limping. The donkey said that he had passed through a hedge where he had trod with his foot on a sharp thorn. He advised that the wolf pull it out, so that it would not harm his throat when he ate him. The wolf agreed and lifted up the foot, and concentrated on the hoof. Then the donkey kicked his teeth into his mouth and galloped away. Fearfully mauled, the wolf said: “I deserved what I got. Why did I attempt the art of healing, when my father only taught me the trade of a butcher?”


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