Wolves spotted on East side of town.

As I said a few weeks ago we would start to see wolves around town and sure enough they are around. A wolf was in our yard Monday morning and it also went after the next door neighbor’s dog, he had to get a few stitches to his behind. This morning you could hear them howling around the seaplane base.

So watch your pets, don’t leave them out over night. don’t leave food out or garbage. wolf


Aug and wolf sighting will be on the rise.

Every year In Aug the pack of wolves start to come in to town more often, I have already received reports of wolves been spotted in and around the town. The wolves have been staying close to the den site since the pups were born back in March, April.

The Pups are big enough to travel with the pack, and the Pack will be introducing the new members to the area.

There have been a few wolves killed over the last 6 months in and around Port Ed. Stacey and Myself have not had the time to track and photograph the wild coast wolf, but we are hoping next year we will have a boat and will be looking at the other packs that live in the area.

coastal wolf

Black wolf spotted In town

I have heard a few times people spotting a black wolf in and around Prince Rupert, BC he has been seen mostly around Butsy rapids lately with a 2 other wolves from the Kaien Island pack. from the descriptions given he may have taken over the alpha spot. Last spring and summer a Black wolf spotted out at Kloya bay and this wolf could be the same one?

Black wolf

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