New Alpha female pregnant?

Its Spring time, a time for renewal a time for nature to bring in the new, Well things here on the island have changed, there looks to be a new Alpha female, we are not sure, but the photo of the wolf in this blog post, is healthy and with a lower tummy I’m guessing she is pregnant. We have not seen this wolf before, she is younger than the previous Alpha female, and this photo was taken by local Kevin Whomes. Thanks Kevin.

There have been fewer wolf reports in town the last few years, but some have been spotted, there has been a black wolf spotted on the west side of town near Water Street just last week. He seemed thin from the reports we had got.

Last year a husband and wife came to Rupert from Germany who spent a few weeks taking photos and filming the Kaien Island Wolves, I was told they were hired for a news article possible video on the coastal wolves of BC. I’m not sure of the nature of the visit, but from my understanding they had taken great photos of the pups at the Den site. I hope to be able to get out and do the same this year…
Stay tuned for more photos

Alpha female

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