More photos from Stephen wolves on golf course

These pictures were taken by Stephen, a local charter boat operator, Again thanks for letting me post this to this site.

Due to some concerns from local individuals, they have politely requested the removal of the photos of the dog and wolves together as it paints a picture that dogs and wolves can co-assist together. And in fact that this is not the case and in most encounters the dog will become the victim of a mauling or death.

Warning to all dog and cat owners, wild animals, whether its wolves, deer, porcupines, cougar’s frequent the area of Prince Rupert, BC. It’s your responsibility not to put your pets into danger.

wolf laying down
wolf laying down
wolf laying down


5 Responses

  1. who is this idiot?! Letting the dog meet wolves. Size doesn’t matter – they each grab a leg & it’s all over. On the video circulating the dog was bitten & looked scared. He put the dog at risk and the wolves. What an irresponsible jerk!

    • I think running away scared would have brought the wolves in for the kill. We calmly tried to get off the course asap. You have no idea how scared I was. I just happened to have a camera going at the time. If you think for one minute that I do no love and care for my puppy you are wrong. Any body encountering wolves with a smaller dog would have seen it killed in an instant. I thank god that my pup was large enough to stop any attack. It is not irresponsible to walk your dog in Rupert in fact if you are scared of wolf encounters let your dog run in your back yard. My pup and I have encountered Grizzlies mushroom picking, Black bears steel heading and porcupines everywhere. Do you think for one second that I do not love my dog. You are wrong to comment in the negative.

      Stephen Hardie

    • Wow Kate, What would you have done?? Ran away, provoking an attack, Appreciate the fact that you were fortunate enough to experience a once in a lifetime nature encounter, or , beat the crap out of the wolf with the 5 iron that was in your hand??? just wondering…

  2. All pictures have been removed from Facebook and all videos have been removed from U Tube. Do not walk your dogs around the golf course or any where near it. All hikers should stay away from Hayes mountain because wolves are in the area. In fact all dog owners should have their dogs on a leash when walking their dogs out doors.

  3. Hi Stephen,
    I would say that I have to agree with you. If you and your dog started to run, the wolves would have done what is natural to them and that would have been to chase and attack. we seen this a few years ago when some golfers started to run away and then got chased.
    It was good that you kept your dog close by your side the whole time and when in that situation, a loud stern voice and a few swings in the air with the golf club to make yourself more dominant may have helped to keep them cautious and away.
    I am glad that your dog did not get injured and was big enough to keep himself safe – with your help.

    the fact of the matter is this,
    we live is a nature filled community. We’re surrounded by mountains and forrest. It doesn’t matter where you decide to walk, if you have a dog and it’s off it’s leash and you decide to take a hike near a forest, than your putting your animal in risk of attack. Places like, butze trail, mount hays, kloya bay, ridley island, morsby park, or yes even the golf course are common area’s for people to walk their dogs, these are also places that are frequent to wolves, or any other animal you can think of. Walking these places with your dogs does not mean your an idiot, jerk or that you don’t care for your dog, it just means you have to be smart about it, cautious of your surroundings and aware of the potential risks.

    this kind of encounter could happen anywhere, so i don’t think it was stephen’s intent to put either himself, his dog or the wolves in danger, so lets not jump to conclusions and be rude about it.
    had it been you kate while you where out for a walk, and you just happened to have a camera, im sure you too would take video of this amazing encounter, dangerous or not. Just because he’s not freaking out does not mean he did not have the safety of himself and his dog in mind.

    so i do ask, Kate BRENTZEN, that you keep your negative comments and rude remarks to yourself, this may be a public forum, but negativity is not tolerated.

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