Huntings Cams to capture baby wolves.

On Saturday July 23,2011 we put out to hunting cams, for those individuals who do not now what they are they are basically motion sensors attached to a camera that take a photograph of anything that walks in front of it. we put out two on a trail that was heavily used. we went out Monday to to check the Cams they were still in place but had not captured a photo of a wolf yet, we plan on going out this weekend to check the cams. the cams can stay out for a month or so before the batteries need to be changed.The photo below was taken with the cam, he looked to be a one to two years old. I was able to photograph him as well.


update on wolves

the New wolf cubs are out of the Den, and are staying close to the den site, we have been trying to photograph them, but no luck yet! As of yesterday we have been only able to photograph one, but we did see 3 of the pack members, the Alpha Male a big black wolf and two smaller ones.

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