wolves in town

wolves on golf course

Its that time of the year that the wolves start coming into town looking for a habituated deer, these deer make it easy for the wolves to kill as they are use to people and dogs.  just a few weeks ago we had a wolf come in to the back yard and come up the side of the house to the front of the house to investigate my wife and her mother.

These photos were taken this morning as the wolves were waking up, as you can see before moving on they left piles of wolf scat and started to howl and in return you could here more pack members in the far distance howling back.

I think tomorrow morning I will make my way down to get better photos if they have not moved on..

4 wolves


8 Responses

  1. Has there been any reports of wolves and cats?

    • what kind of reports, like eating the cats… that’s always a problem Rupert has a feral cat problem, maybe not after this winter…

      • Yes, like eating cats 😦 Just a few nites ago by PJ’s a cat was being hunted by a wolf but managed to escape.
        I am with Cannery Row Animal Shelter Assoc and would like to document as much as possible in the way of wolves hunting cats, as we would like to implement tnr programs which will bring the cat population down and feed less wolves, such a sad statement.

      • I hear what your saying saying my statement was not to offend you. the winter months will have an effect on the population of domestic and feral animals. Wolves, cougars, starvation, and the cold will kill animals.
        I have seen wild cats (feral Cats) living near the den site of the local wolves, seen the same feral cat for a year living near the pack for over a year.

        I agree that capturing feral cats and neutering and spaying is the best solution, and I wish you the best.

  2. It has been over a year since my encounter with those wolves. I made it a point not to take the dog on the course after that as these wolves had no fear of me or my size large dog. Beware that’s all I can say, they will send out the female to lure your dog from your side. Be cautious.

  3. This afternoon there was a wolf on the path behind 9th E parallel to Hayes creek. The path runs from 8th to McBride. It followed a woman and child from 8th. Our Bear Dog was outside and went into primitive mode; the wolf saw her and went into the greenbelt.
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  4. No offense taken, a harsh reality of living so close to the mountains. I fear that if we do not bring down the cat population, we continue to feed the wolves when they are unable to hunt bigger game. Thank you for any help you may offer, muchly appreciated. Alice Kruta

    • I believe even if the cat population was brought to a manageable size through the use of neutering and spaying we would see wolves and and other types of wild animals in or around town, we have a large deer population that live in town, we also have a lot pet owners who insist on keeping there dogs and cats outside and feeding them there. As you said we also live in their territory, Prince Rupert is surrounded by thousands of square miles of forest and ocean. The Wolves on the coast have been known to swim to the furthest outlaying islands in search of deer, these wolves have adapted to their surrounding eating a variety of sea life. Back to the question at hand, I don’t believe the feral cats are the reason the wolves come in to town, its the deer they are after, and yes wolves can be opportunist and go after smaller animals like our cats and dogs, as its just another food source. But as i said Ive seen Feral cats live near the Den site for over a year. I would think the loss of feral cats due to wolves would be low, but the truth is no one really knows as we would need to have a idea of what the feral cat population looks like?

      the one thing I will say is this pack has changed over the last 7 years, the wolves have changed the ways they hunt, we use to see them in town most of the year starting in Aug after the wolf pups were able to hunt with the pack, this year we dint really see them until end of Oct, and the wolves I have seen are in great shape no skinny ones yet. the wolf population has stayed about the same over the years about 12 in the pack.

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