He Watched Helplessly As A Wild Wolf Approached His Dog. Then Something Incredible Happened.

Despite their incredible beauty and obvious similarities to our domestic companions, just about everyone knows that wolves are not to be messed with in any way.

But in 2003, Alaskan wildlife photographer Nick Jans and his labrador encountered a wolf in their backyard and began a relationship that would defy logic and transform an entire community.

Jans was on the back porch of his Juneau home with his dog when a wild wolf appeared. With all the excitement, his dog slipped away, racing out to meet the stranger.

He Watched Helplessly As A Wild Wolf Approached His Dog Then Something Incredible Happened
Nick was stunned to see the two start to play together. He managed to capture this photo of them during the encounter.

Nick Jans

The wolf stayed in the area, and in the years since, Nick has devoted much of his time to documenting him, naming him Romeo

Nick Jans

Romeo became a Juneau fixture, known for playing with local dogs at nearby Mendenhall Glacier Park.
Nick Jans

Residents were unsure at first, but they soon realized that Romeo just wanted to play.

Nick Jans

Romeo didn’t just play with other dogs. He played with humans, too. The wolf would bring out toys that he’d stashed, Nick said in an interview. One was a Styrofoam float. Romeo would pick it up and bring it to [my friend] Harry to throw. He clearly understood the same sort of behaviors that we see in dogs.


The amazing thing was Romeo’s understanding. It wasn’t just our understanding and tolerance. It was the combination of his and ours and the dogs’. We were these three species working out how to get along harmoniously. And we did.

Romeo remained around the outskirts of Juneau for six years, becoming an ambassador to the wild and a powerful symbol in the community.

After Romeo’s passing in 2010, the residents of Juneau held a memorial for the wolf and had this special plaque made in his honor.

Klas Stolpe/Juneau Empire

It’s so inspiring to see three different species learn to live peacefully together in harmony. It just goes to show how wonderful the world can be.

Share this amazing story with your friends, and check out Nick’s account of this unbelievable tale, A Wolf Named Romeo.



Miley Cyrus visits B.C. coast to discuss wolf cull


Pacific Wild

American pop-star and tabloid phenom, Miley Cyrus, followed her word and traveled to B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest this past weekend to learn more about the province’s controversial wolf cull.

Earlier this month, Cyrus got the attention of British Columbians when she posted an image to her Instagram account pleading her followers to protest the annual wolf cull which allows hunters to kill as many as 200 wolves each winter in order to protect the endangered caribou population.more here

wolves in town

wolves on golf course

Its that time of the year that the wolves start coming into town looking for a habituated deer, these deer make it easy for the wolves to kill as they are use to people and dogs.  just a few weeks ago we had a wolf come in to the back yard and come up the side of the house to the front of the house to investigate my wife and her mother.

These photos were taken this morning as the wolves were waking up, as you can see before moving on they left piles of wolf scat and started to howl and in return you could here more pack members in the far distance howling back.

I think tomorrow morning I will make my way down to get better photos if they have not moved on..

4 wolves

Wolves all over golf course

We have been watching the wolves on the golf course and went for a drive too see why so many wolves have been hanging out near the golf course Continue reading

rainwolves slide show

Wild wolfs of coastal BC canada, these wolves are also known as the rainwolves, a subspecies of the timer wolf

wolf slide show

Wolves spotted on East side of town.

As I said a few weeks ago we would start to see wolves around town and sure enough they are around. A wolf was in our yard Monday morning and it also went after the next door neighbor’s dog, he had to get a few stitches to his behind. This morning you could hear them howling around the seaplane base.

So watch your pets, don’t leave them out over night. don’t leave food out or garbage. wolf

Aug and wolf sighting will be on the rise.

Every year In Aug the pack of wolves start to come in to town more often, I have already received reports of wolves been spotted in and around the town. The wolves have been staying close to the den site since the pups were born back in March, April.

The Pups are big enough to travel with the pack, and the Pack will be introducing the new members to the area.

There have been a few wolves killed over the last 6 months in and around Port Ed. Stacey and Myself have not had the time to track and photograph the wild coast wolf, but we are hoping next year we will have a boat and will be looking at the other packs that live in the area.

coastal wolf

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