Wolves in town the video

This video shot by a local; Miguel Borges,
It was taken this morning.
As you can see in the video the wolf is not very concern with the traffic and people. Some of the wolves found on the island have become conditioned to humans and others have been habituated to humans by individuals in the community who have taken it upon themselves to feed them. Those people who feed wild wolves are not doing that animal a favor they are most certainly going to be the cause of that animal (wolf) demise.

A fed wolf is a dead wolf.

Again thanks Miguel for the video.


Coastal Rain Wolf Video

Residents of Prince Rupert, B.C., are getting nervous about the number of wolves turning up around town.

In less than a year, there have been 136 wolf sightings reported by the residents of the isolated coastal community.

I have been lucky enough to track and film the pack of wolves that live near Prince Rupert, BC over the last 3 years. We have shared many encounters with these magnificent animals. I have too say that I never felt threatened by the wolves. When you are in the animals domain you need to understand the animal you are tracking and give them the area to roam around and check you out before getting close to a wild animal. Most of the encounters we have had were in a 5 mile radius of the den site.

Secrets of the coastal Wolf

Canadian Geographic Presents Videos

Secrets of the coast wolf In the towering forests of the raincoast of British Columbia, a group of scientists have made a new discovery. But what they are learning is something the natives here have known for generations.

Biologist Paul Paquet, along with a handful of dedicated scientists have found a new subspecies of the gray wolf. Unlike its brothers that roam across North America on the open plain, this wolf swims, fishes for salmon and hops from island to inlet through water and rough terrain. The coast wolf could leave and expand its territory, but it does not because it knows, like the Heiltsuk First Nations people who share the land and water, that there is no place like this on earth.

As long as there has been the wolf in Bella Bella, there has been the Heiltsuk, a traditional First Nations culture that has celebrated the spirits of the land and animals, including the coast wolf. The lush forests, calm inlets and the mountains around Bella Bella are a living eden. In fact, there is more biodiversity in this area than anywhere on earth – even the mighty Amazon rainforest.

Canadian Geographic goes on the trail to this unique place where science and traditional knowledge intersect and are working together to unravel the secrets of this unique wolf subspecies and the world they inhabit.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

wolves in Prince Rupert

Here are a few wolf videos we did..

then this is my Steve Erwin documentry on wolves spoof….

wolves from the Rockies that we filmed

video camera ordered

Stacey and I have been talking about getting the canon xl2 but at between $3000.00 to $7000.00 for all the equipment, I couldn’t bring myself to do it, not yet anyways for one reason were unsure if we could do a documentary on the wolves there is a lot preparation there script, footage and gear that we need, so in stead of the big fancy video gear I sent in my canon lx-100 to be fixed it’s the predecessor to the XL2 it has interchangeable lens system, and we bought a canon hv10 HDV video camera, this thing is small but packs a beautiful video capture do to its high definition capabilities. Plus its 5500.00 dollars cheaper then the XL2, Going this root think is better right now as we can use it for footage plus for home video, I have read the video from this camera is the same as the 10,000 grad HDV video cameras so that’s good. We also were given from a friend of mine a Spion Orbitor Electronic Listening Device. For picking up sounds far away.

listing devise


3 days 3 wolves

Tonight makes it 3 nights in a row we have seen wolves, in two of those instances we were able to get photo’s and video, The Video I was able to take was of a young wolf who has an injured paw, he laid down in front of me while I filmed him. When I first spotted the rain wolf he was about 100 feet away I went back to our Van to let Stacey know I had seen a wolf I grabbed the video camera when I went back out side I noticed the wolf followed me back to the Van I went back to the Van and Stacey came out with the spot light, it slipped back into the night and I then left with the Cam and Spot light, I was able to get footage of the wolf, as you can hear in the video I was a bit winded as I ran to the van to get the cam. While I was filming this wolf another could be heard beside me, I could not see him, but could hear him in the bush at this point I didn’t take my chances in the dark and left the area.

Yawning Wolf

Laying Down

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