Document wolf sightings

Document your sightings here.


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  1. Great website I like to report a sigting I had near Ambrose Ave. On Aug 7, 2006. it was in a back yard stayed about an hour then left.

  2. I have heard about wolves been seen along park Ave and around 11 east. the last few weeks.

    ADMIN: this is no dout the same wolf, as wolves can travel 40 Miles a day. If you spot this wolf count yourself lucky as they are hardly seen durring the day.

    the wolves are in town more then we think, they just are not seen.

  3. We saw a lone wolf on 16 by Recycling Centre just past midnight. Also, when was last time wolves were spotted on butze rapids trail?

  4. Fred: The wolf you saw was probably from the pack they will hunt and scout on there own and hook back up in the early morning and late evening to resume there hunt.
    last time the wolves were spotted on Butze trail, was over a year ago I believe, I would think if your going to see wolves there its going to be now until feb, as the wolves are wondering the island until they go to spring den, which is further away,

  5. I’m new to area and would like to take my labs for runs on butze/grassy bay trail but have been cautioned by locals against it due to wolves. How much of a threat do wolves pose to dogs on trail? How much is myth and how much is fact? Thanks.

  6. hi Fred lots of people take there dogs for runs down there, and yes a few have been killed, but not for some years, use caution when with your dogs, use a leash, Butze is a great place chances are low they would be attacked, but of course its not 100% safe Fred, besides wolves there are black bears too. There are great places to take your dog for runs other then butze. Like I said before Fred the wolves are wondering the whole island right now, there are 8 in the group, Stacey and I have come across them numerous times and never felt threatened. But then again we don’t go with a dog. I know lots of people who go with dogs there and out at Ridley rule of thumb use caution and a leech if unsure.

  7. If walking Dogs watch were you walk them at night, there are wolves around town Prince Rupert BLV, Civic Center and the area should be avoided at Night time.

  8. A few weeks ago people were walking there dogs out at grassy bay, and wolves approached them, I do believe if these people didn’t have there dogs they would have not seen the wolves. People forget when they are in the woods that there can be wild animals there, wolves, bear, or even deer. Its always best to take precautions when in the woods. Use a leach when in doubt.

  9. Great site!

    A couple of weeks ago I had to help a lady out one evening, about 6:30 PM. Her dogs were attacked by a wolf. She managed to get them into the back of the truck and lost her keys. She proceeded to walk to the PAC to find help and he followed behind. All of the yelling and vehicle lights surrounding him did not make him back down one bit. She was standing about maybe 6 – 7 feet away. That wolf was massive, amazingly really. A mysterious sight, I really wish I had my camera with me. He finally backed up a few more feet and stood with his body behind the bush but he was still staring us all down.

  10. Thanks Lynn for the feedback, I wish people would get the message about walking animals near the civic center especially at night, I know its a great place for dogs, buts its a great place for wild animals like wolves. wolves will attack and kill other wolves who are in their territory competing for the same food sources. A dog being walked by human is no different, the wolf will take out the tresspasing dog as it see’s it as a competitor.
    we have come across wolves all the time and depending on the age and rank with in the group, we have a good idea of whats going to happen.
    I’m not sure on the wolves that are using the civic center trail, I think the wolves people like youself are seeing their are young and inquisitive.

    I’m glad to hear that the dogs and the owner and you are all fine….

  11. Don’t worry, she won’t be walking there again! I felt bad for her really, I asked her is she was new to Prince Rupert but she wasn’t. She said that she always thought for some reason the wolves were leaving herself and her dogs alone because they had never had a problem. Both our thoughts that night were…”it’s the price you pay to live where we do.” We surely weren’t ready to call in the wolf team to do away with them. I do worry at times about the wolves but I remember them being around years ago since I am born and raised here. I do not think this wolf was young by any means. He was huge, I so wish I had a camera. I do not think he was alone, I could hear more rustling beside us in the other bush.

  12. Thanks again Lynn, for the info,
    I have heard stories of two wolves in that area, but not seeing them myself yet, just prints and scat, I thought they might be younger wolves who separated from the mane pack. Any time we have came across the pack the alpha female and male are very vocal barking and howling, but when we came across the other pack members, they don’t bark they don’t howl , they will come close at times laying down in front of us, following us around, then move on…
    Tonight we were at Ridley and found prints and scat, and maybe some fur, so maybe the wolves will stay over across the mountain, it’s almost time for the alpha female to go into heat. I hope during this time they will stay close to the summer den.

  13. wolves spotted all over town, most likely, the same wolf, a friend of mine spotted a big wolf by 7/11 coming up from the water front, and today a wolf was spotted near the Charles Hays High school.
    I would like to see a picture of this wolf, as then I might be able to tell if its from the same pack or if a lone wolf who has come in to the area, and if so this is why the wolf is so near to town as it knows its in another packs area and is trying to keep away.
    Wolves will kill other wolves who come into there area.

  14. A wolf was spotted at Solly;s Beer and wine chasing a deer threw the parking lot, then probable the same wolf was seen in the back of 7 west by the civic center trail.
    Seen wolf scat near 11 east and Fredrick St the scat was full of deer hair.

  15. My parents are still rupert residents. I grew up there and moved to prince george and finally terrace. My old man said he saw a wolf in his backyard, (area bounded by kinsmen trail from 11 th ave to Canfisco, the trail from kinsmen trail to the civic center, and the trail from sherbrooke ave to the old king edward school). It is a large tract of bush but there are lots of deer around so i assume the wolvers are there as well.

    Happy hunting.


  16. Last week it was brought to my attention that there is a ton of wolf hair down one of our trails, 3 doors from that, a deer carcus in a backyard. Dad and others witnessed a wolf dragging a deer across the road around the Mc Donalds area, and my son and husband viewed a very small pup at the base of the mountain who really didnt seem to care that there were 8 dirtbikes racing all over the area. Neat stuff…wish I had sent my camera.

  17. Hi Lynn thanks for the update…I found it a bit weird that a pup was spotted already, I have been at the den site a few times and there has not been any thing on there. last year the pups were born in may…what this leads me to think is that the Alpha female has changed. usually the female will use the same den site over and over unless there is change in leadership. I hope to spot the alpha’s as of yet I have only seen the other members of the pack…..

    again thanks Lynn

  18. Hi Lynn talked to Chris today, and he and I both suspect, that you probably didn’t see a wolf pup, its way to may have been a stay or lost dog, or even a fox or coyote….

  19. Driving along, we saw a lone wolf along the road towards the industrial site. Looked quite young. Would dodge into the bushes when vehicles would pass, but would come out again and stop and watch us watching him in our vehicle. Got some good pics of it and will forward to you shortly.

  20. BTW, we saw this wolf at about 3:30pm today.

  21. thanks Tracey looking forward too seeing them… if its ok with you may I post them to photo section?

  22. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Document wolf sightings. Thanks for informative article

  23. On November 22 at about 10:00 in the morning I was coming from Port Edward to Prince Rupert when I saw a beautiful wolf on the road. I stopped and it stood and we watched each oth for 30 seconds or so before it walked off. I now look forward to coming to PR a I would love to see more (i figure I never will again, as I want to so bad). I have lived on Vancouver Island all my life and have only ever once seen a wolve. I feel priviledged.

  24. I believe I have wolf cubs living in my back yard in Stamford CT. I have a red fox and unfortunately the coyote was hit by a car. The red fox does not go near the two cubs…….the two pups do not look like a cotoye or a fox. They are grey and have a much bigger frame than a fox/coyote.

    The way they move is completely different than a dog. Maybe they are a wild dogs but I don’t think so.

    If you want a look, they come out around 7:30 every night. So, this isn’t a sighting…’s a wolf party.

  25. This was the most amazing creature I have seen with my own two eyes. I spotted a black wolf on Highway 1A approximately 13km south of Johnson’s canyon (near Banff, Alberta). I was fortunate to be within 10 feet of the wolf and captured some amazing photographs. The wolf creeped along side my truck for at least five minutes until it disappeared into the trees. I never knew they were in this area but I am thankful I got the experience.

  26. Hi, I was walking my golden retriever this afternoon on the logging road on Ridley Island when a large, fairly young and healthy looking male came out of the woods towards us by the lagoon. I’d like people to be aware that when they do walk their dogs out there to be careful. I have been walking out there for almost one year with my dog and this is the first sighting that I have had. I have seen foot prints. The wolf showed no fear and was trotting towards us and, as my dog is only one years old and has never encountered a wolf before, he assumed it was another dog and tried to go play with him. I had to throw a rock towards the wolf for him to back off and even then my dog wanted to go check him out. I finally got hold of him and leashed him. But, I have to say, the wolf did not look aggressive or hungry. Regardless, people should be weary of being out there alone with their dogs. Even a healthy wolf will go after a dog.

  27. In the last 5 weeks I have seen a number of wolves out along the Ridley Island road. Two out in front of PRG that went after a guys dogs at about 2 in the afternoon, another along the road close to the dump around 4pm and another at around 4am along the highway near the recycling center. I was not aware that you had somewhere to post sightings, so will document the dates better in the future and now taken to leaving for work with my digital camera.nd

    Is it me or is there more wolves around this year than in past years? Perhaps I see them more because of the route I am traveling on a daily basis. Is there a pack out at/around Ridley?

  28. zavinyah there does seem to be more sighting’s as for more wolves, that is hard to say, the last time I seen all the wolves in the pack at one time there was 8, but I believe the alpha male and maybe the alpha female from that time have died. leaving the pack in some what of disarray,

    The wolves we are seeing in town are coming in for the deer, easy pickens for them. Remember last winter when we had all those sighting this last winter not so much, but this spring we have had more.

    Usually the wolves will stay closer to the den site during this time, untill Aug/Sept when the pups are are to travel with the pack. the pups would have been born between march and May but this year its different. like I said I think the pack is in disarray.

    Again thanks for posting..

  29. Hello
    two sitings in past couple days, wolf sighting at hays vale trailer court, went after two kids. one was on a bike, got chased,and then my 23 yr old friend and a buddy were getting circled by a wolf at mariners park on the 12th.

    thank you 🙂

  30. we spotted one of the wolves behind the golf course on the dirt road leading up the mountain, Kaien Island it was at the very end of September this year, what an amazing site 🙂

  31. I saw this exact wolf running down Shippan in Stamford, CT TODAY 12/30/09. I called the Stamford Animal Control (it ran right past their building) and they said they would go investigate. It was quite large, I would say about 85 lbs.

  32. I live in shippan and I saw a coyote the first week of January. Are sure it was a wolf? And what did Animal Control say they would try to do about it?

  33. We saw a wolf this morning on our property just west of Okotoks. He stayed about half an hour. Looked very healthy and seemed to be alone.

  34. October 5th 2011 We went for a walk on Kaien Island, down the rail tracks from Ridley. Just north of the tracks along a lagoon by the railway bridge to Port Edward we watched a pack of wolves circling the lagoon They were on the far side from us, thank God. There were eleven of them. Frisky and playful. Easy to count because they swam across a couple of sections in single file.

  35. Approximately 10 days ago, we saw a wolf running along the highway towards the industrial park direction, from the direction of Frederick Street turnoff … the wolf then crossed the highway into the bush near the Hydro trail (before the industrial site). It appeared to be a young wolf – maybe a year old. Tail between the legs so it was freaked about being on the highway without cover.

    • yes this is the time to see them further out from the Densite, there were 4 born last year, this year there was 2 born. thanks for the info..

  36. I live near the end of 11th E… a block from the Wildlife Shelter. Since I have been here sitings of wolves have gradually increased. I had a wolf in my back yard two weeks ago. I fear leaving my small dog out for any length of time, I had a wolf about 6 feet away from her and had to go out and try to scare it away.

    Between the woman feeding the feral cats and people throwing deer carcasses in the ravine behind my house again, I understand the reason why they are always around, but… What stupidity…

    • The wolves during this time will be seen more in town, last year though it was much quieter with the wolves coming near town only a few sightings. We to have had wolves in our back yard and I live across from Annunciation School. Yes I would not leave your dogs unattended if wolves have been in the area, And I too have issues with people dumping deer carcasses in and around town that is not exceptionable behavior. I would like to thanks you for documenting your sighting.
      We live on the edge of one of the most densely forested area of BC, with an abundance of wildlife, we have to learn to live with our wild friends.
      things to remember when wolves come near you.
      1. don’t run.
      2. through rocks or sticks.
      3. scream or yell at it.
      4. never never get in-between your pet and wolf.
      5. remember that wolves are generally afraid of humans.

      again thanks….

  37. Hi there
    In the last month, we (near the end of 11th east) have had a fair number of sightings, including a large tan mixed colored crossing from my yard to the other side of the street at 445 pm. I usually don’t see them in broad daylight (more often early morn and dusk).

    There has been a large black wolf walking down 11th E in the morning on a couple of occasions. I have heard howling and yipping in the evenings and nights.

    I thought I saw a coyote on the rocky ledge by seal cove. The yipping is common for them, but not sure about wolves…

  38. I lived in Prince Rupert at 1041 11 ave east for about 10 years From 1938 to 1948. My father owned the Three Sisters Cafe. When we lived
    there the wolfes were very plentiful and would feed on rats from the dump. We saw lots of wolfes when we skated on the muskeg ponds off of 11 ave area.We would lite bon fires at nite and this seemed to keep them at distance. Regards. Michael

  39. This morning at daybreak I saw a young wolf … he literally loped to the woods line and turned to look back…at me. He seemed healthy and playful then ran into the brush.

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