Wolves all over golf course

We have been watching the wolves on the golf course and went for a drive too see why so many wolves have been hanging out near the golf course Continue reading


Rain Rain go away so I can get out and play…

Just a short update on the pack, unfortunate I have not been able to get out, but my friend Kevin W, has and has got some amazing photos, here are two..

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the lighter wolf is the Alpha Female the other is unknown maybe a few years old.

4 new wolf pups to the kaien island pack

Well thanks to a friend who got the shot I have been dreaming about taken, we have the proof that there are 4 new members to the pack.

We spent 4 hours hiking near the den site on Sunday, We didn’t see anything except for scat, we were told the wolves were seen closer to town that day. If the weather gets better will get back to my cams that I left behind and see if we got any photos on them.

wolves Aug 2011

The wolf Pack is out and about on the island, we seen 5 from our back window yeterday morning on the golf course, and last night we went to the Den site, we could hear one wolf, and seen three more on our way back in to town. we still have not got photographs of the babys, but have been told by others who have seen them that there may be 4 pups born this year

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wolves to be hunted to near extinction again in the US

Howling Across America to Save Wolves
wolves on the brink again in the US

In April 2011, the U.S. Congress slipped a wolf de-listing rider into the federal budget bill, yanking wolves from the Endangered Species List in the Northern Rockies—where it’s estimated that just over 1500 wolves remain.

Said Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals: “Removing federal protection and subjecting wolves to more hunting is unconstitutional and unconscionable.”

The Rally for Wolves in Washington, DC today to denounce this underhanded de-listing is the first of many rallies in North America.

Members and supporters of Friends of Animals now call for a travel and economic boycott of the states that advocate killing wolves: Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

“We need to put the economic screws to state governments that persecute wolves at the behest of haters,” said Feral.

Tags are already on sale in Montana for the shooting of 225 wolves; more than 1000 tags have been sold in the first few days. In Idaho, the bloodbath is slated to begin this month – on the 30th of August.

Friends of Animals’ legal experts are now drafting an amicus brief to buttress an appeal before federal Judge Donald Molloy by Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Friends of the Clearwater and WildEarth Guardians “to preserve both wolves and the rule of law in the Northern Rockies.”

Time is of the essence. Support our efforts today. If you can do a Howl-In for your city (international support is welcome), email Dustin Rhodes. Everyone can contact the governors and announce your intent to boycott travel in each state for as long as they continue persecuting wolves:

Governor Butch Otter of Idaho
Office of the Governor
State Capitol
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720

Phone: 208.3342100
Fax: 208.334.3454

Governor Brian D. Schweitzer
Office of the Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.
P.O. Box 200801
Helena, MT 59620-0801

Phone: 406.444.3111
Fax: 406.444.5529

Governor Matt Mead of Wyoming
State Capitol, 200 West 24th St.
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0010

Phone: 307.777.7434
Fax: 307.632.3909

Huntings Cams to capture baby wolves.

On Saturday July 23,2011 we put out to hunting cams, for those individuals who do not now what they are they are basically motion sensors attached to a camera that take a photograph of anything that walks in front of it. we put out two on a trail that was heavily used. we went out Monday to to check the Cams they were still in place but had not captured a photo of a wolf yet, we plan on going out this weekend to check the cams. the cams can stay out for a month or so before the batteries need to be changed.The photo below was taken with the cam, he looked to be a one to two years old. I was able to photograph him as well.

update on wolves

the New wolf cubs are out of the Den, and are staying close to the den site, we have been trying to photograph them, but no luck yet! As of yesterday we have been only able to photograph one, but we did see 3 of the pack members, the Alpha Male a big black wolf and two smaller ones.

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