Save the wolves

Wolf Cull not the only solution

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Do they really work? They can be a powerful tool to let our politicians know what is on the minds of the public. We believe that if you are passionate about something, and put energy and thought into how to improve a situation, that you really can affect change. And, yes, sometimes it takes years.
Stop wolf culls in British Columbia
The Raincoast Society have several action centres to stop wolf culls in British Columbia, and we are lending our support and contacts to this effort. Ultimately, we would like to see wolves protected through legislation that requires a license to hunt wolves, a bag limit, and a closed season for hunting and trapping wolves, and a buffer zone around parks.
We thank everyone who signed our petition. If you still have the ENERGY, we still need your HELP! (see below)
Write a letter or email to encourage the BC government to make the amendment

Here is the link to the website with all the information: Now would be a great time to be really proactive about the permitting changes that we need, as the rules are contained in the Act..

The city of Prince Rupert could take steps to kill the wolf pack living on Kaien Island and the outskirts of Port Edward, said a northwest conservation officer. But these would only be short term solutions and it would be much more effective to remove the attractants that bring wolves to the area in the first place.

Habituated wolves In Town
Wolves who are habituated (wolves who don’t fear man) to humans, should be dealt with before a problem arises. We also have coyotes in the area that could make things worse. People blaming the wolves when in fact it could have been coyotes. If you are unsure if you saw a wolf or a coyote remember a wolf will be larger then a coyote and coyotes have long ears and smaller paws.

Please sign you name and add it to the petition form.


24 Responses

  1. I am in support of saving the wolves and every other form of wildlife. I thank you for this site and your love for our wildlife friends.

  2. I totally support the wolves and I always will. Wolves want nothing more than to live in peace as well. Wolves have done nothing to deserve death, but they are sadly killed anyways. Let wolves live in peace.

  3. That’s is not cool!! It isn’t right! removing the wolves and other nature to make way for a stinken DUMP! Those beurocats and poloticains don’t know WHAT they’re doing! For god’s sake leave them be!!

  4. Why are people so heartless? Why can’t they leave the wolves alone? I support the wolves and I will do everything in my power to help them. THAT is a promise!

    • I agree, I don’t think the Gray Wolves should be hunted but ,people should also see that the Gray Wolves in “ALASKA” are not endangered,(so to speak) they’re plenty of them there but not in the United States. I want to save the Gray Wolves too.

  5. The wolf needs to be reinstated as the key predator throughout North America. When will the governments realize this. This is what we want not some freakin dump. Learn to recycle people.

  6. im a mild wolf lover and I support this petition to stop the spread of dumps and save the wolves

  7. it hurts me …….deeply to see people doing these things to the wolf population.

    my heart and soul goes out to the wolf population.

  8. Its seems like everytime we turn around someone else is trying to kill off the wolves. Its really sickening. It seems the easy way out is to always kill the wolves. Why cant be act reasonable?

  9. I love the wolves and enjoy watching them and listing to them howel at night, it would be a shame if the city of Prince Rupert would act in a Unprofessional manner, these wolves have never hurt an individual or become a nuisance, these wolves no doubt have been there before the dumpsite was built, but have made a den close by, these wolves cant get into the dump because of the electric fence that encircles the dump. to even think about killing them is just wrong.

  10. The City of Prince Rupert could contact a conservation expert and develop an ethical plan to resolve this situation. There are examples available: North Shore Bear Watch.

    That is what I like to think my (high) taxes are being used for: creating an sustainable enviroment.

  11. This obsured and an unreasonable action that these people are taking. We are becoming more and more like tyrants, if somethings in our way they get out of the way or die. Honestly what seperates us from animals in this case. It pains me to see that us humans have all this reasoning power and no will to use it on other living things. The life of another animal is much more important than someones trash.

  12. I don’t think wolves should be killed and still they are not mean or killers

  13. I come from the Gitwangak reserve, I live here in Rupert, I was overcome with fear for my pets lives when I heard of Wolves coming into Rupert, But when I saw one literally come onto my property (dog woke me 5 am) last summer, I was angered, chased it off, by running at it throwing sticks, by then it was a long way away. (bear with me)

    But then I was told by my neighbor that there was one dead out at the Ridley island trail (straight stretch up from the dump), I had to go see it, I used my dog, he found it’s lifeless body, I tied my dog to a nearby branch, knelt down by the female wolf, that had been hit by a car, she had broken bones her body was swollen, I then petted her head, Said a prayer for her and thanked her for coming into this world and giving life, and asked the great spirit to help her on her journey to her hunting grounds, and final home, I then left taking my dog feeling happier having done this for her.

    I no longer am on the other side of the coin, People have to Stop living in fear and just come to live with the wolves, they were here long before us, and will always be here as long as No Person harms them.

    To hurt a Wolf and not care, as to Mock it is a Very Bad Voo doo for that person, harm will come to that person, just the way it is.

    So please Let’s all Please get along with the Great Wild Majestic Wolfves

  14. Half of my cultural background consists is Nisgaa first nation and I am of the Wolf tribe. We are lucky to live in area abundant with all kinds of wildlife. It seems people foster the real problem: feeding wild animals, improper storage of garbage, etc. I haven’t experienced a wolf sighting in town since I was 12 years old ~ that was 30 years ago. I can hear the wolves howling some nights. I’m in favour of wildlife conservation.

  15. what is wrong with people anyway cant wild animals & people live together i was always told that rupert was a game preserve is that not true anymore? what about the sign just this side of the bridge it used to say NO HUNTING ON THE ISLAND yet the police are always shooting the wolves & bears i dont think it is right .
    the animals were here before any human stepped foot on this land we should just leave it along i love to see the wild life around rupert mother nature will look after herself

  16. We are Nisga’a and my wife and son are of the Wolf tribe. My wife and I grew up in Prince Rupert, and lived there until we were in our 30’s. We both recall going to the dump at night and listening and watching the wolves. Hunting the wolves is wrong. Prince Rupert’s society needs to learn to respect and live with the wolves. They were there first, it is their home.

  17. Hi

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  18. Beautiful Site…
    Beautiful animals….
    Keep fighting the fight…. you have to…for them……for us all………….

  19. My hometown of Prince Rupert is the last place I would expect for such an atrocity as a “wolf kill” or “wolf cull” to even be suggested. I for one will not stand to see this. Wolves have every right if not more right than man to live on that island and all the coastal rain forests of BC… save the wolves, and everything else that lives wild!!!

  20. This is tragic; I hope the city makes the correct choice to preserve this beautiful animal.

    On a related side-note, I am part of the production team at; an independent animated film addressing this very topic; the story of the 1920-era wolf hunts in New Mexico and the southern states; how this beautiful animal was slaughtered. Slightly fictionalized, but definitely something to check out.

  21. About 50 years ago the mayor of my province New Brunswick decided to begin “culling” the wolf population. now the entire species is wiped out from eastern Canada, I never ever want to see that happen again

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