4 new wolf pups to the kaien island pack

Well thanks to a friend who got the shot I have been dreaming about taken, we have the proof that there are 4 new members to the pack.

We spent 4 hours hiking near the den site on Sunday, We didn’t see anything except for scat, we were told the wolves were seen closer to town that day. If the weather gets better will get back to my cams that I left behind and see if we got any photos on them.


Meet the Pack

Here is a brief description of the wolves we have come across so far there is the Alpha male, old grey.
Old Gray

The alpha female red neck for her patch of red fur on the back of her neck.


Next is Poser, this wolf posed for us for 45 min, dark red coat.


And then there is Blondie for its light color coat.


Baby wolf

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