Rain Rain go away so I can get out and play…

Just a short update on the pack, unfortunate I have not been able to get out, but my friend Kevin W, has and has got some amazing photos, here are two..

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the lighter wolf is the Alpha Female the other is unknown maybe a few years old.


4 new wolf pups to the kaien island pack

Well thanks to a friend who got the shot I have been dreaming about taken, we have the proof that there are 4 new members to the pack.

We spent 4 hours hiking near the den site on Sunday, We didn’t see anything except for scat, we were told the wolves were seen closer to town that day. If the weather gets better will get back to my cams that I left behind and see if we got any photos on them.

rainwolves slide show

Wild wolfs of coastal BC canada, these wolves are also known as the rainwolves, a subspecies of the timer wolf

wolf slide show

Wolves in town the video

This video shot by a local; Miguel Borges,
It was taken this morning.
As you can see in the video the wolf is not very concern with the traffic and people. Some of the wolves found on the island have become conditioned to humans and others have been habituated to humans by individuals in the community who have taken it upon themselves to feed them. Those people who feed wild wolves are not doing that animal a favor they are most certainly going to be the cause of that animal (wolf) demise.

A fed wolf is a dead wolf.

Again thanks Miguel for the video.

Wolves on the lake Ice

So a few weeks ago I was lucky to watch two wolves crossing a frozen lake. For the last 4 years I have been waiting to take a photo of a coastal wolf in the snow, I finally got my chance. this guy watched for a few min before running across the frozen lake into the bush, the other wolf was waiting for traffic to slow down before he headed out across the frozen ice.

here are a few photos.

Healthy wolf on the lake shore

Healthy wolf on side of road

Update On Wolves And Blog

Hi Yes its been a bit slow here as of late; We have made some changes to the web site, we had some problems and the site went down for a week. I’m glad we are back up and I hope you enjoy the new layout and color.

As for the Kaien Island wolf pack, They have been staying mostly out of town, Only a few times they have been spotted. I have reports of wolves being seen out at the Riddly Island log sort. Other then that the wolves seem to be in good shape, pack numbers about the same as previous year. 7 to 8 individuals.

young wolf

Alpha Female

Wolves spotted on East side of town.

As I said a few weeks ago we would start to see wolves around town and sure enough they are around. A wolf was in our yard Monday morning and it also went after the next door neighbor’s dog, he had to get a few stitches to his behind. This morning you could hear them howling around the seaplane base.

So watch your pets, don’t leave them out over night. don’t leave food out or garbage. wolf

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