Deer Kill on wolf Creek

Stacey and I on our whale tour was talking to Trent Davies, who told us of a wolf he saw and watched him take that hind leg of a deer, of course we had to check it out, we found the remains of the deer and some scat, we also checked out the area, wolves will keep coming back to there kill site even after its all gone, they will chew on the bones for marrow and gristle. I have not heard of wolves being in town again for a few weeks, but I’m sure we will be seeing them soon. I’m some what convinced that they have a patern and if we had enough documented sightings over this last year we could some what figure out when they may appear again. Last year that worked for Stacey and I we had encounters 2 to 3 times a week for 2 months straight.

This year we are more focused on collecting scat and if we are lucky we might have a chance encounter with the wolves.
Deer kill

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