Port Ed Wolves

Tonight we went for a drive to Port Ed in our new van, on our way back to Prince Rupert we saw a wolf on the road just out side of Port Ed. This was around 5:30 Pm so it was just getting dark I had my camera but unfortunately I didn’t have a tripod to mount it so the pictures are a bit blurry, we also didn’t have our cam but we finally got to see a wolf its been since Aug.

In the photo gallery section I have put in the 3 different wolf packs that are found near here.
1. The Kaien Island wolf pack.
2. The Port Ed wolf pack. ( two packs are found there one on each side of town
3. The Kloya Bay wolf pack.

The Kloya bay wolf pack we only have paw prints. Hope to have more in the next few months.
Port Ed Bay

Port Ed Bay

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