wolves in town

wolves on golf course

Its that time of the year that the wolves start coming into town looking for a habituated deer, these deer make it easy for the wolves to kill as they are use to people and dogs.  just a few weeks ago we had a wolf come in to the back yard and come up the side of the house to the front of the house to investigate my wife and her mother.

These photos were taken this morning as the wolves were waking up, as you can see before moving on they left piles of wolf scat and started to howl and in return you could here more pack members in the far distance howling back.

I think tomorrow morning I will make my way down to get better photos if they have not moved on..

4 wolves


Rain Rain go away so I can get out and play…

Just a short update on the pack, unfortunate I have not been able to get out, but my friend Kevin W, has and has got some amazing photos, here are two..

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the lighter wolf is the Alpha Female the other is unknown maybe a few years old.

Wolves in town the video

This video shot by a local; Miguel Borges,
It was taken this morning.
As you can see in the video the wolf is not very concern with the traffic and people. Some of the wolves found on the island have become conditioned to humans and others have been habituated to humans by individuals in the community who have taken it upon themselves to feed them. Those people who feed wild wolves are not doing that animal a favor they are most certainly going to be the cause of that animal (wolf) demise.

A fed wolf is a dead wolf.

Again thanks Miguel for the video.

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