B.C. senior sustains bruises in wolf attack

A woman in northern B.C. says she’s lucky a wolf that attacked her on Sunday was old and she suffered only bruises, so that she didn’t even need rabies shots.

Marilyn Maple, 68,Marilyn Maple

shows the bruises she sustained when a wolf attacked her on her farm off the Alaska Highway north of Fort St. John, BC Canada last Sunday.
Marilyn Maple, 68, raises goats on her farm off the Alaska Highway, north of Fort St. John. She’s also a weather watcher for Environment Canada.

“I was heading down to do my weather report, which I do at 4 p.m.,” she told CBC News in an exclusive interview Thursday.

“On my way down [to the weather compound] I hear a goat yelling. I thought, ‘Oh, no! She’s really having a hard birth. I better hurry,'” she said.

“I went into the stall, crouched down … trying to feel her.”

To her surprise, Maple was confronted by a silver looming wolf that was killing her pregnant doe.

Conservation officer Cor Deboon in Fort St. John says the wolf that attacked Marilyn Maple on Sunday was ‘obviously an old animal.’
Dead Wolf
“As I reached for her, all of a sudden … this crushing force on my arm and that’s what it was.… Something grabbed my arm.

“As my eyes got accustomed I realized I am, you know, roughly 18 inches to two foot from the face of a wolf,” she said.

Maple said she was determined to save her goat so she ran outside and grabbed a pitchfork.

“I came down here to the end of the stall and I went, ‘Go, shoo, go’ and he just turned his head and looked and me and I thought, ‘Oh, no! I better get out of here.'”

‘I realized I am, you know, roughly 18 inches to two foot from the face of a wolf.’
— Marilyn MapleShe locked the goat shed and had to “leave the goat to her demise.” She ran up the hill and called the neighbours for help.

The neighbours and their friends came and shot the animal dead, she said.

Maple took the carcass to conservation officer Cor Deboon in Fort St. John, who examined the wolf.

“[Its] upper canines were broken and chipped and some teeth worn down,” Deboon said. “It was obviously an old animal. It wasn’t all skin and bones but it was quite thin.”

Maple said she only suffered a series of bruises on her arms.

“I was very lucky that it was an old wolf and I had on four layers of clothes.”

Maple lost a goat, but her news wasn’t all bad.

“The next night, my other doe gave me two other babies.”

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